Anna Belknap. You probably know her as Lindsay Messer on CSI:NY. She is the smartest, toughest, badass on television right now! This is a blog that is all about her and showing how much she is loved.

There might be fan art, fan videos, fan made stuff so if you have anything you want to share, feel free to submit! Oh ask anything you want, I may not know everything but I will answer as best as I can.

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CSI:NY - 2x09

"You, uh, play good cop, I’ll be bad cop."

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Finally Danny could use the list of names that he created during  season 5.

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Lindsay:I’m sorry.

Danny:What?What are you sorry about?

Lindsay:You weren’t supposed to be here.You took my shift.

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danny and lindsay ♣ run silent, run deep 

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Favorite Women, Day Nine: Part Two of Three

• Lindsay Monroe-Messer


Thank you for nine great seasons!

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I’m going to say this is Anna’s kid. You can’t tell me otherwise.


I was thinking in do it for a long time, and, last week, Megan (peggysrogers) came up with the ideia of having a CSI: NY Meme. It’s based on a lot of different memes and, if you need, you can change something. Enjoy!

  • 1 Color
  • 2 Seasons
  • 3 Clothes
  • 4 Ships
  • 5 Guest Stars
  • 6 Friendships
  • 7 Scenes
  • 9 Characters
  • 10 Episodes

Random body shots of CSI:NY

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I want her to be somehow related to Hawkeye. I really do.

gimme this now

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